The Writers Room

SundanceChannel_writersroomFor anyone curious about what a writer’s room creative process is like and how they crank out all of those weekly episodes, there’s a new series on the Sundance channel called ‘The Writers Room’ where the original writers of a series discuss their scripted TV show. This is a 30 minute program so there’s no real depth here but I found the first episode interesting. The show is hosted by the Academy Award winning actor-writer Jim Rash and is produced in conjunction with Entertainment Weekly. If you’re a writer like me, you might be watching in the hopes that some of that creative energy will rub off.

Here’s the link to the full first episode which features the writers of ‘Breaking Bad’ a TV series which featured one of the most famous transformational arcs ever written which has been coined ‘Mr. Chips to Scarface’. For those of you who haven’t seen Breaking Bad, it’s about a high school chemistry teacher who becomes a methamphetamine cook and slowly transitions from the protagonist to the antagonist in a series which ran for 63 episodes. You can pick up the first 45 episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflix. Once you start watching Breaking Bad, I’ll bet you can’t stop. > : )

About Richard Murray

I've been interested in astrophotography for some time now and more recently began writing science fiction. Half a million words plus later, I continue to write every day. I share some of the things I learned along the way as well as some of my writing, plus an occasional astrophoto I’ve taken just for fun on my blog site Fictional Astronomer at .
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