Moon Life

A while back I started writing a novel about a father whose son mysteriously disappeared while stationed at a science facility on Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons. Titled, Freeman’s Ocean, the father ends up traveling out to Enceladus by hitch-hiking aboard ore mining ships that are continuously moving about the solar system. It’s a poor man’s means to traverse the solar system, sort of like train hopping. What he finds out about his son is completely unexpected.  This is one of those novels that I will have to finish, that is after I complete about a half dozen other writing projects but I will get to it.

From Europa With Love book image2 5-6-16

And speaking of the unexpected, if you have an interest in sci-fi involving exploring the solar systems planets and moons, I just read a novelette called From Europa With Love by David Nadas with a unique take on what we just might encounter out in deep space. You can’t beat the price, right now it’s free.


About Richard Murray

I've been interested in astrophotography for some time now and more recently began writing science fiction. Half a million words plus later, I continue to write every day. I share some of the things I learned along the way as well as some of my writing, plus an occasional astrophoto I’ve taken just for fun on my blog site Fictional Astronomer at .
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