Ascension 300 dpi Small 2 5-2-16Ascension: A remote outpost stationed at the extreme edge of the solar system goes silent. The determined commander and his rescue fleet must find out what happened to the outpost and the thirty lives on it. As they reach their destination, what they don’t find startles them all. But what they do find forces them to rewrite all of human history. And now they are faced by a terrifying new enemy.

This is my latest book release which was inspired by Stephen Baxter’s novel, Vacuum Diagrams, in which he refers to a species of dark matter life which inhabits the gravity wells of stars.

About Richard Murray

I've been interested in astrophotography for some time now and more recently began writing science fiction. Half a million words plus later, I continue to write every day. I share some of the things I learned along the way as well as some of my writing, plus an occasional astrophoto I’ve taken just for fun on my blog site Fictional Astronomer at .
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