The Happy Prince (App-Jacker Chronicles Episode 1)

The teaser episode of my App-Jacker Chronicles Series, The Happy Prince, is available on Amazon for free over the weekend.

This is a humorous, bawdy romp through the Milky Way galaxy on a adventure that is chock full of weird characters and some unique science. I wrote it initially from a contest that an online writers group put on where you are given a starter sentence and write your story from there. I got some complements on it and decided to expand on the concept and the App-Jacker Chronicles is the result.

This includes a preview of the second episode, Rusty Zipper.

LatestCoverWithROCKETGirl Happy Prince 4-18-15

About Richard Murray

I've been interested in astrophotography for some time now and more recently began writing science fiction. Half a million words plus later, I continue to write every day. I share some of the things I learned along the way as well as some of my writing, plus an occasional astrophoto I’ve taken just for fun on my blog site Fictional Astronomer at .
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1 Response to The Happy Prince (App-Jacker Chronicles Episode 1)

  1. Annie says:

    Can’t wait!! 🙂

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