Approaching Editing

I’ve just started editing my first novel draft so I’ve been tuned in to any books/articles on the editing process.
I’m reading ‘Self-Editing for Fiction Writers’ and next up is ‘Revision & Self-Editing’ by James Scott Bell.
I just ran across an article by fantasy author Rachel Aaron about her take on editing. Her process is very systematic and practical which my ocd nature can relate to. Don’t miss the comments section where she refines her process even further. Very practical and useful at least from a novices perspective:
I hope a few of you seasoned authors (seasoned ≠ old & creaky / seasoned = published) will take the time to look at the article and comment on whether you go through a similar process or have any techniques/tools/books to add to the list.

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I've been interested in astrophotography for some time now and more recently began writing science fiction. Half a million words plus later, I continue to write every day. I share some of the things I learned along the way as well as some of my writing, plus an occasional astrophoto I’ve taken just for fun on my blog site Fictional Astronomer at .
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  1. Annie says:

    I will check it out.

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